Computer Management
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Computer Management
Keeping the Computers Working

       "If it Breaks, we fix it"
Director  --  Adrian Kuzdus
Technical Support  --  Gary Foster
Technical Support  --  John Jones
Database Programmer  --  Jay Barkdall

What Do We Do?

We provide service and maintenance for over 137 computers in the library and the training facility. We have nearly every computer online with a high speed Internet connection, shared printers, scanners and software.  The operating system is Microsoft, the internet search engine is FireFox and there are many genealogy shortcuts.  We use high level anti-virus software and run under a Windows Server

Our support team are all volunteers who assist us in installing updates, keeping the computers running and installing and updating all technical equipment.  Our goal is for all of our patrons and missionaries to have a positive experience when researching their family roots.