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These Webcasts are sponsored by Mesa FamilySearch Library. They represent classes that were presented live while being filmed at the Mesa FamilySearch Training Center. Simply click on the Webcast title for viewing. Sort Columns by clicking on any of the table headings. The "Webcasts" and "Instructors" columns sort alphabetically, and the "Presentation Date" column sorts by date. If your browser opens an "Events Index" on the left side of your video, click on the
symbol on the center left of the page to reduce that index and to make the presentation larger.
Webcasts Instructors Presentation
Duration Handouts
Find Take Teach Lesson 1
Wallace Haws 11/18/2015 14 min. Find Take Teach Handout 1
Find Take Teach Lesson 2
Wallace Haws 11/18/2015 10 min. Find Take Teach Handout 2
Find Take Teach Lesson 3
Wallace Haws 11/18/2015 21 min. Find Take Teach Handout  3
The Jewish Connection - Mythology or Reality Emily H Garber 11/12/2014 93 min Jewish Connection
Close to Our Hearts-Researching Our Dutch Ancestors Janelle Solomon 10/22/2014 66 min Close to Our Hearts
Planning for the Worst: Disaster Recover Strategies to Preserve Your Data Elio Grieco 10/8/2014 79 min DR Principles Handout v12
The Wonders of WIKI Carma Lee Ellingson 9/24/2014 39 min Wiki Webcast
4K Race to the Finish Train the Trainer Polly Munden 9/18/2014 76 min  
Finding Your Ancestors in French Quebec, Canada Chuck Filteau 9/10/2014 98 min French Canadian Research
There is a Genealogy App for that James L Tanner 8/27/2014 66 min There's a Genealogy App For That (Handout)
Breaking Down the Brick Wall DeAnna Johnson 7/9/2014 59 min Breaking down your Genealogical Brick Wall
Tips & Skills For Researching Marsha Allen 6/25/2014 59 min Tips & Skills For Researching
Find My Past Tutorial Melba Preece 6/23/2014 24 min
What's the Latest in FamilySearch James Tanner 6/18/2014 53 min FamilySearch FT
The Fantastic Four Shirley Nance 5/28/2014 61 min Fantastic Four
Using History to Research Your Ancestors Gary Foster 5/14/2014 90 min Using History to Find Your Ancestors, pt 1
Using History to Find Your Ancestors, pt 2
Using History to Find Your Ancestors, pt 3
Tutorial For Kathy Percy 5/6/2014 40 min
Tutorial for My Heritage James L Tanner 4/24/2014 46 min My Heritage -2014
Populating the US Colonies with Convicts Katie Gertz 4/23/2014 60 min Transportation Act
News From Roots Tech & Other Inovations James L Tanner 3/12/2014 73 min Advances in Genealogical Technology
What's New In FamilySearch Devin Ashby 2/26/2014 72 min What's New at FS Webinar
Researching British Surnames Howard Mathieson 2/13/2014 84 min Researching British Surnames, pt 1
Researching British Surnames, pt 2
Researching British Surnames, pt 3
Writing About Family History Dr. Duane Roen 2/12/2014 79 min Writing About Family History
Searching Historical Newspapers DeAnna Johnson 11/13/2013 74 min Historical.Newspapers.Pres
Using Roots Magic Bruce Buzbee 10/23/2013 105 min
Maricopa County Library System Genealogy Resources Robin Salthouse 10/09/2013 31 min Maricopa County Resources
MCLD Genealogy Online Databases
Outreach-Family Search Library
Researching African Americans Joyce Reese McCullom 09/25/2013 78 min Researching African Americans
Finding your Ancestors in Germany Barbara Holm 09/04/2013 56 min Ancestral Home
Researching your Ancestors on the DAR Website Elizabeth Chain 08/28/2013 59 min DAR Handout
Breaking Down Ancestral Brick Walls James L Tanner 08/21/2013 60 min Breaking Down Ancestral Walls
Setting Up Your Family Genealogy Blog James L Tanner 08/14/2013 77 min Start Family Genealogy Blog
Doing US Family History from Home Charles Shults 08/07/2013 78 min US Research from Home
Civil War Chad Timothy 07/09/2013 56 min
Irfanview Steven Passey 07/09/2013 45 min
What's New in Find A Grave Shirley Nance 06/26/2013 71 min
US Military History Part 1 Norm Pratt 06/18/2013 47 min
US Military History Part 2 Norm Pratt 06/18/2013 65 min
FamilySearch Family Tree James L Tanner 06/13/2013 37 min FamilyTree Presentation
Getting Help From Others By Posting What You Know on the Internet Gary Foster 06/12/2013 54 min Share & Receive
Using the Mesa FamilySearch Library Website Jean Wharton 06/05/2013 76 min Guide to Website
Eight Important Online Resources for US Research Denise Crawford 05/29/2013 76 min Online Resources 1
Online Resources 2
Southwest Native American Research Emerson Mose 05/22/2013 42 min
Mexican Research Maria del pilar Felix 05/15/2013 46 min
Using Maps in Family Research James Taylor 05/09/2013 76 min
The King's Daughters Bill Kane 05/07/2013 52 min
Online Resources: Expanding your Genealogical Research James L Tanner 05/01/2013 91 min Online Resources
Using the FamilySearch Wiki James L Tanner 04/24/2013 83 min Class Handout
Scottish Family Research Dale Foote 04/17/2013 57 min
Using Land and Probate records in Family History Research Fawn Barnes 04/10/2013 90 min
Family Stories Anne Benham 04/03/2013 65 min Family A
Family B
FamilySearch Family Tree/Photos James L Tanner 03/05/2013 48 min
Timechart History of Settlement of Canada Bill Kane
Laverne Aitchison
02/28/2013 67 min PDF Class Materials
Emigration/Immigration Denise Crawford 02/27/2013 87 min Immigration Index
Seven Keys
US National Archives- Naturalization
German Ancestors Part 2 Steve Packer 02/13/2013 45 min
German Ancestors Part 1 Steve Packer 02/13/2013 45 min
British Research Joan Rowley 01/30/2013 90 min
Researching & Documenting our Danish Ancestors Ruthie Skousen 01/24/2013 90 min
DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Danna Koelling 01/08/2012 90 min
Family History Research in the State of AZ Archives Dr. Melanie Sturgeon 01/19/2012 90 min
History of the 1940 Census Dr. Michael Snow 04/11/2012 90 min
Online Resources James L Tanner 06/12/2012 90 min
Vital Records in the United States Martha Hewett 09/05/2012 90 min PDF Class Materials
Source Documentation Lynn Melville 09/17/2012 90 min PDF Class Materials
Italian Research Jeff Skousen 09/19/2012 90 min
Irish Research Dr. Val Sullivan 10/10/2012 90 min