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Arizona Vital Statistics Extractors

Lynn Shumway
Gene Lines
Karen Schnebly

Click to see extracted names of those born or who died in the early years of Arizona.
These records are limited to viewing births after 75 years and deaths after 50 years.

How We Got Started

Some years ago a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, Karen Johnson, sponsored a bill to make a change in the laws of Arizona to allow the public access to the birth and death records respecting living people and their memories. A limit of viewing birth records after 75 years and death records after 50 years was approved by both houses and signed into law by the Governor of Arizona. This process was accomplished in only one year thanks to the widespread interest among family historians and genealogists throughout the State of Arizona.
Many politicians, government leaders and thousands of citizens were strongly interested in being able to research their early ancestor's records as they came into the newly organized State of Arizona. The prior law put the burden upon citizens to prove their ancestry before being able to have access to the public records and the limited resources of the State of Arizona to provide access of these records to the public.
The enormous task and cost of microfilming all of the State records was accepted as an answer on how to provide these records to the citizens when the Utah Genealogical Society volunteered to do the filming at no cost to the State of Arizona. Then the Mesa AZ Family History Center provided the dedicated volunteers who would each year read and extract the names and dates from state records. This arrangement has been closely monitored by the Arizona Department of Health and thousands of citizens around the state have been able to find their deceased family records on-line at the state's website. You are encouraged to visit that website at


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