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E.HawsElder Wallace Haws  SHawsSister Edith Haws

What do we do?

We call the most talented and humble servants to serve as missionaries and then get out of their way.

Our main objective:

Is to provide missionaries and Temple and Family History Consultants with the training they need to serve the patrons and ward members with their family research. Mesa FamilySearch Library presently has 85 active missionaries, 45 patron computers (not counting our staff computers), and is equipped with the same computer research technology presently found at the FamilySearch Library in Salt Lake City, Utah.


What we are offering:

1. Basic Training for Beginning Consultants (Tuesday Evenings - 1.5 hour classes for 4 weeks).

2. Shift experience for consultants with one on one assistance with an experienced Center Missionary (Once a week serving a 3-hour shift for three months).

3. Advanced Research Methods Training for Consultants (13 Sessions - 1 hour each week - research assignments).

We will co-ordinate our training with the Stake High Councilor in each Stake that participates with us.

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