Publicity Committee
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The Publicity/Newsletter Committee

Chairman/Editor -- Marilyn M. Smith
Assistant Editor -- Marilyn Crandall
Presentations -- Gordon Mulleneaux
Mesa FSL Director -- Sherril Harmon
Assistant Directors -- Bruce Evans, Adrian Kuzdas
Committee -- Marie Dugger, Melba Preece, Jeanne Goodman, Darlene Nelson
Graphic Designer -- Jean Wharton


What We Do

Our Job is to 'GET THE WORD OUT!'

Each month we send out a newsletter, focusing generally on one topic, with short, informative articles discussing family history information that PEOPLE CAN REALLY USE.
We send the newsletter to over 1000 subscribers throughout the world. The newsletter is growing in popularity because it explains what is available on the Mesa FamilySearch Library website, including live webinars, pre-recorded webcasts and other genealogical helps.  Information is given about and the many topics on that site.  Our newsletter encourages patrons to come HERE to the Mesa FamilySearch Library to use our resources and class schedules are always attached.  We also contact local newspapers to 'GET THE WORD OUT'!