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Call Number Title
  289.3016 C13i 2500 starting pedigree charts of the Mormon pioneer genealogical library
  979.2 V3 Abstracts from Obituaries with Genealogical Data in Various Places in Utah
  979.2 K2 A Centenary of Relief Society, 1842-1942
  979.4 K2m A Century of Mormon Activities in California
  979.137 K2w A History of St. Johns, Arizona Stake
  979.212/L1 A3w v.1 no. 3 An Annotated Bibliography of Western Manuscripts in the Merrill Library at Utah State University, Logan, Utah
  979 H2e An Enduring Legacy
  977.343/N1 K29 Annotated Records of Baptism for the Dead, Nauvoo 1840-1845
  979.137 H2 As My Memory Recalls: Stories of the Colonization of the Little Colorado River Country
  979.135/S1 K2 A Story of Faith, Snowflake State 1887-1987
  979.135/L1 D3 A Tribute to the Lakeside (Arizona) Pioneers
  979.1 H2zc Arizona's Honeymoon Trail and Mormon Wagon Roads
  979.221 H2d Builders of Uintah
  979.221 H2d Builders of Utah: a Centennial
  979.1776 V3h Cemetery Records of the Binghampton Cemetery-Tucson, Arizona
  979.2 H2ch Chronicles of Courage
  979 H2bc Chronicles of the West
  977.343/N1 V2 Civil Marriages in Nauvoo and Some Outlying areas 1839-1845
  979.1 D3zf Climbing Life's Mountain: Arizona Pioneer Stories
  979.135 H2t Colonization on the Little Colorado: Joseph City Region
  979 D3y Conquerors of the West: Stalwart Mormon Pioneers
  979.1 J2 Cornerstones of the 1908 L.D.S. Academy
  979.2 H2d Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Lessons
  979.2 H2saa Q size Day by Day with the Utah Pioneers, 1847
  979.173/M1 K28 Q size Dedication Ceremonies (and history) of the Mesa Arizona Lehi State Center
  979.135/S1 K2d Diamond Jubilee Gems; 1887-1962 Snowflake of Zion
  979.135/2 J21 Extended Cemetery Records of Woodruff, Navajo County, Arizona
  979.2258 K2fw First Ward Historical Review
  979.221/T1 D2f Footprints in a Beautiful Valley a History of Tabiona, Utah
  979.173/M1H2 Founding of Mesa (Arizona)
  979.2 D27j Genealogical Records of Utah
  979.252 H2g Golden Nuggets of Pioneer Days: a History of Garfield County (Utah)
  973 W2hL Handcarts to Zion
  979.2 H2cah Heart Throbs of the West Vol. 1-4; 7; 9-12
  979.2258 C4a Hearts turned to the fathers:  A history of the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1894-1994
  979.154/S1 H2 Highlights of Past-Safford, Arizona
  289.3 H629 Historic Atlas of Mormonism
  977.3 D3bh Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois/History Hancock County (Pages 832-864; 1058-1069; 1088-1091)
  979.245/K1 H2 History of Kanosh (Utah)
  979.2 H2w History of Utah
  979.2 H2st History of Utah 1870-1970
  979.221 H2 Homesteads of Indian Leases on the Lake Fork
  977.343/N1 H25n Index; vol. 1-11
  979.177/T1 D2 Index to Family History
  289.373 P871 James McGaw Eleventh Pioneer Emigration Company, 1852
  973 H2ma Journey to Zion
  289.3573 J874 Jubilee History of Latter-Day Saints Sunday School, 1849-1899
  920.0792 J453L Latter-Day Saint Biographical Encyclopedia Vol. 1-4
  979.2 H2 Lee's Ferry: a Crossing on the Colorado
  979.221 H2cr Leota, End of William H. Smart's Stewardship
  979.465 K2 Let this be Zion
  921.73 J276 Life History and Writings of John Jaques: Including a Diary of the Martin Handcart Company
  979.2 D3m Men of Affairs in the State of Utah
  979.1 D39 Q size Miscellaneous Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, 1936-1958 (Mesa, AZ)
  979.651/T1 H2wt Miracle of the Desert: A History of Thomas Ward and Surrounding Communities
  978.833 K2f Mormon Colonization of the San Luis Valley, Colorado 1878-1900
  289.305 M828mhs Mormon Historical Studies
  289.309 D32w Mormons and Their Neighbors
  979.4 A1 no. 68 Mormons and the Discovery of Gold
  979.1 K2m Mormon Settlements in Arizona
  977.343/N1 V3o Old Nauvoo Burial Ground
  979.173/M1 H2m One Hundred Footprints on Forgotten Trials
  979.173/M1 H2z One Hundred Steps Down Mesa's Past V. 1-3
  979.2 H2c Our Pioneer Heritage Vol. 1-20
  979.135/W2 H2za Our Town and People: A Personal History of Woodruff, AZ
  979.173/T1 K2i Out of Small Things Proceedeth that which is Great: A History of the LDS Church in Tempe, Arizona
  979.202 H2 Pioneer Pathways Vol. 1-5
  979.1 D3 Pioneer Women of Arizona
  979.2 D36p Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude Vol. 1-4 (Daughters of Utah Pioneers)
  979.2 D3e Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah
  289.309 D3 Presidents of the Church
  979.212/P2 H2h Providence and Her People, a History of Providence, Utah 1857-1974
  976.896 K2 Q size Records of Members and Children, 1940-1946 Kingsport Area, East Tennessee
  979.1 K2 Records of the First Quorum of Elders of the Little Colorado Stake of Zion
  979.2258 A3j Register of Geneological Society Call Numbers Vol. 1-2
  979.2 K2r Registry of Names of Person Residing in the Various Wards as to Bishop's Reports, 1852-1853
  979.2 H2pr Route from Liverpool to the Great Salt Lake Valley
  929.1 D5 Royal Ancestors of Some LDS Families Vol. 1-2
  979.2 W3 Ship "Underwriter" Passenger List, 30 May 1860 and Ship "William Tapscott" Passenger List 14 May 1862
  979.135/S2 K28 Show Low Ward Snowflake State Dedication May 31, 1953
  979.135/S2 K2 Q size Show Low, Arizona Records
  972.1 D3hm Stalwarts South of the Border
  979.135 H2f Stories of Mormon Pioneering Community
  979.1 H2pe & 979.1 K2t Take Up Your Mission: Mormon Colonizing Along the Little Colorado River 1870-1900
  979.135/T1 H2p Taylor Centennial: A Historical Review (Arizona)
  979.135/T1 H2z Taylor Centennial Stories, 1878-1978 (Arizona)
  929.273 Y98 The Diary of W. Ernest Young (Church Ordinances for Mormons in Argentina)
  979.154 K2 The 25th Stake of Zion, 1883-1993:  St. Joseph Stake
  979.157 K2r The First 60 Years of Mormonism in North Central Arizona, 1918-1978
  289.305 H629 The Historic Record:  A Monthly Periodical
  970.4 F3 The Improvement Era . . . Special Lamanite Issue
  979.3 H2am The Mormons in New Jersey
  977.343/N1 H25n The Nauvoo Journal Dedicated to Church History and Biography 1830-1857
  979.2 H2ca Treasures of Pioneer History Vol. 2-6
  979.225 K2twe Twenty-Seven Ecclesiastical Wards of the LDS Church
  979.248 H2b Under Dixie Sun
  979.2 K2r Utah Bishop's Report, 1852-1853
  979.2 H25u Utah Genealogical and Historical Magazine Vol. 1-31
  979.2 H2wn Utah Historical & Biographical Record
  979.135/W2 H2L Woodruff, the Butte-iful: Garden Spot of the West (Arizona)
  979.173/L1 K2L 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee History of Lehi (Arizona) 1877-1952 Lehi Ward
  979.154/T1 H2c 100 Years in Thatcher, 1833-1983 (Arizona)
  979.313 H2h 100 Years on the Muddy


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