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Eastern European Countries

Below is a current list of countries (or areas) included in Eastern Europe.  Listings of books, films, etc. available may be found by going to the Family History Library Catalog online at (use Place Search unless otherwise specified).  Personal assistance is available at the Mesa FamilySearch Library (phone number 480-964-1200).

Belarus Lavendar Russia
Bessarabia  (refers to Russia, Bessarabia - A guberniya [province] of Russia. The name Bessarabia is derived from that of Prince Bessarab, a prince of the Walachian family of the same name, who extended his rule into the area.  By the end of the 15th century, the Turks conquered Bessarabia.  It was ceded to Russia in 1818. In 1918, all of Bessarabia was ceded to Romania.  The Romanian peace treaty of 1947 confirmed Bessarabia as part of the U.S.S.R. The larger central part was incorporated into Moldavia S.S.R.; extreme north and south sections, with predominantly Ukrainian speaking population, were added to the Ukranian S.S.R after WWII.)
Bohemia refers to Austria, Bohemia
Bosnia refers to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina  
Austrian crownland, 1774-1918; part of Romania, 1918-1945; northern portion annexed to the Ukraine as the Chernovtsy Oblast and southern portion remained in Romania as the Suceava Judeţul
Carpathian Ruthenia refers to Czechoslovakia, Carpathian Ruthenia
Dalmatia refers to both Austria, Dalmatia and Croatia, Dalmatia; however the Croatia, Dalmatia site only refers to a book of the history of Dalmatia/Dalmacija
Czech Republic Split off from Czechoslovakia 1 Jan 2003
East Prussia refers to Germany, East Prussia which refers to Germany, Preußen, Ostpreußen
Galicia refers to both Austria, Galicia, and Ukraine, Galicia
Hercegovina refers to Yugoslavia, Hercegovina, which refers to Bosnia and Herzegovina
Jewish Lands
check Family History Library Catalog, Keyword search for Jewish Lands
Kosovo refers to Austria, Dalmatien, Kosovo, which references other sites.  Kosova or Kosovo is a dependent region of Serbia, part of the former country of Yugoslavia.  It was part of the province of Dalmatia in the Austro-Hungarian Empire before 1919
Moldavia refers to U.S.S.R, Moldavia, which refers to Moldova
Montenegro In 2002, Montenegro became part of Serbia and Montenegro [Srbija i Crna Gora]
Moravia refers to Austria, Moravia which refers to Austria, Mähren
Moraviany refers to Czechoslovakia, Slovensko, Michalovce, Moraviany; also check Slovensko, Czechoslovakia
Pomerania refers to Germany, Pomerania which refers to Germany, Preußen, Pommern
Posen refers to Germany, Posen which refers to Germany, Preußen, Posen
Poznan There are many listings for Poznan, beginning with Biedrusko (Poznań); to find Poland, Poznań, scroll down the list until you find it: [Poland, Poznań]
Ruthenia refers to: Czechoslovakia, Ruthenia; Hungary, Ruthenia; adn Ukraine, Ruthenia
Serbia In March 2002, Serbia became part of Serbia and Montenegro [Srbija i Crna Gora]
Serbia and Montenegro The name "Serbia and Montenegro" became official on 2003-02-04. Formerly Yugoslavia, a portion of the former Yugoslavia
Silesia refers to Germany, Silesia, which refers to Germany, Preußen, Schlesien
Schlesin references Alt Schlesing, which refers to Germany, Preußen, Schlesien, Alt Schlesing
Slovakia Slovakia was split off from Czechoslovakia 1 Jan 1993
Transylvania refers to: Austria, Transylvania; Hungary, Transylvania; and Romania, Transylvania.  Consider also checking Romania
Vojvodina references Vojvodina {kraj} which refers to Serbia and Montenegro, Srbija, Vojvodina {kraj}
Walachia refers to Romania, Walachia, which refers to Romania, Valachia; when clicking on "View Related Places" it takes you to: Romania, Valachia, part of Romania
West Prussia refers to Germany, West Prussia which refers to Germany, Preußen, Westpreußen

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