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Notes on Dansk Demografisk Database

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  By Orval Skousen


When you enter the site, click on the “English flag” for English.  You will see four boxes, the red has the census records, the blue the emigration records, the orange has immigrant records, and the green has other sources, including a few probate records.

I.    Census Records  Click on “Red Census Records” 

A.  See page with the links below.

1.      Search for individuals

2.      Advanced search for individuals

3.      What's in the database?  21/6 2007

4.      Search in census records from St. Croix

5.      Map of the counties

6.      Links

B.  No. 1. & 2. above.  The data entry places are self evident if you are in English.  To make sure you keep working in English, use the Green back arrow at the top of the browser page to move back rather than the “back” or “new search” close to the text.  You must write the names using the Danish spelling.  If you are looking for Søren, you won't find it by typing Soren.  Jorgen is Jørgen.  There are alternate (alt) key sequences to make these letters in windows by holding down the Alt key, just to the left of the space bar, add typing in the number sequences shown below.

1.      ø           0248                      Ø           0216

2.      æ          0230                     Æ           0198

3.      å           0229                      Å           0197          
these also have an alternate Danish spelling   aa  &  Aa 
which does not require the use of the Alt key sequence.


C You need to know the County (Amt) and Parish (Sogn).  If you don't know these, but know the name of the town and can find it on a map such as the Geodætisk Institut  Kort Over Danmark (Map of Denmark), then you can go to link 5. and locate the county and parish by looking first at the over all map then clicking on the County and viewing the Parishes.

D.  No. 4. above.  The island of St. Croix is in the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean sea.  Columbus landed there.

E.  No. 6.  above.  There are many links to Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English web sites.  You need to be good in the language to use these, although I'm sure many of them have some English sections.


II.   Emigration Records  Clicking on the Emigration records box takes you to an input screen.  However, there is much good information to be obtained by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page.


III.   Probate Index  This is a searchable index of 4 counties.  There is good information provided by Gary Horlacher that finished part of the project started by the Church.

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