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Sweden & Finland Quick Start

Seeking your ancestors in Sweden and Finland
By Orval Skousen

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1.  Locate a birth record and list the information given.

2.  Get the Clerical Survey for the year of the birth and find the family.
Also, look for census (household records), christening/birth, marriage, burial/death, moving in and out in the parish records.

3. In the Clerical Survey, trace the family until the parents have died. Record all information found.  Note sources when you record.

4. In the Clerical Survey, trace the family backward to the time of the parents' marriage. Record all information found, provide sources as well. Continue for previous generations.

5. Use Parish records of birth, marriage, death, and moving to verify information found.

6. Check to see if probate records have survived for the parents.

7. Order probates and copy information.

8. Civil records are sometimes available.