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Record Types

Bible Records
Bible Records Online
Family Bibles - Cyndi's List

Biography & History Databases index
Biographies - Cyndi's List
Diaries & Letters - Cyndi's List
Unitarian Universalist Biographical Dictionary

Cemeteries & Funeral Homes - Cyndi's List
Cemetery Search and Obituaries
Find A Grave
Fraternal Abbreviations
Cemetery Research Resources
Sources for Obituaries

FamilySearch - Census Search

Church Records
Church Records in England
Church Records in Germany

Record Types
Births & Baptisms - Cyndi's List

Specific Denominations
Baptists- Cyndi's List
Lutheran - Cyndi's List
Mayflower Ancestors Link
Mayflower Pilgrim Genealogies - Cyndi's List
Mennonite Genealogy Data Index
Mennonites - Cyndi's List
Methodists - Cyndi's List
Presbyterians - Cyndi's List
Quakers - Cyndi's List
Roman Catholics - Cyndi's List
Seventh-day Adventist Obituary Index

Latter-day Saints (Mormons)
Encyclopedic History of the LDS Church
History of the LDS Church 1830-1930 7 vols
Latter-day Saints - Cyndi's List
LDS Church History Website
LDS Early Church Information File
LDS Overland Pioneer Search 1847-1868
LDS Periodical Index
Tracing LDS Ancestors
Membership of the LDS Church 1830-1848
Tracing Mormon Pioneers Crossing the Plains

Concentration Camps
Displaced Persons' (DP) Camps

Correctional Institutions
Genealogical Prison Records Search
Prisons Prisoners & Outlaws - Cyndi's List

Court Records
Adoption (Cyndi's List)

Adoption Reunion Registry

House & Building Histories - Cyndi's List

Emigation & Immigration
Immigration Databases Index

Bremen Passenger Lists 1904-1919
Ellis Island in One Step
Hamburg Passenger Lists 1850-1934 Resource Guide
Immigrant Ancestors Search
Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild
Immigration & Naturalization - Cyndi's List
Irish Famine Immigrants 1846-1851
Passenger & Immigration Lists Index 1500-1900
Passports - Cyndi's List
Ports of Departure - Cyndi's List
Ships & Passenger Lists - Cyndi's List
Shirley Hornbeck's Tips on Immigration and Passports
Tracing Immigrant Origins
Wuerttemberg Emigration Index v 1-8

Ship Directories, Registers & Pictures
Morton Allan Steamship Directory 1890-1930
Mystic Seaport Museum Sea Photography
Mystic Seaport Museum Ship Register Search 1857-1900
Mystic Seaport Ship Register List 1857-1900
Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Palmer List of Merchant Vessels
Passenger Ships History Service
Peabody Essex Museum Sailing Ship Paintings

Funeral Homes
Cemeteries & Funeral Homes - Cyndi's List

Land Property
Land Records databases index
Land Records Deeds & Homesteads - Cyndi's List

Medical Records
Genetics DNA & Family Health - Cyndi's List
Medical Records - Cyndi's List
Ethnic Minorities
1860 Census Slave (Masters) Schedules
Acadian Cajun & Creole-Cyndi's List
Acadian Genealogy Homepage
African-American - Cyndi's List
Black Dutch - Cyndi's List
Chinese Immigrants  
FrancoGene gateway to French-Canadian genealogy
Germans from Russia - Cyndi's List
Gypsies Romani Romany & Travellers
Hispanic - Cyndi's List
Melungeons - Cyndi's List
Metis - Cyndi s List
Wends or Sorbs - Cyndi's List

Political Minorities
Loyalists - Cyndi's List

Religious Minorities
Doukhobors - Cyndi's List
Huguenot - Cyndi's List
Jewish - Cyndi's List
Jewish Genealogy Research Outline
Jewish Records in the FHLC
JewishGen The Home of Jewish Genealogy
Latter-day Saints - Cyndi's List
LDS Early Church Information File
Mennonites - Cyndi's List
Quakers - Cyndi's List

Naturalization & Citizenship
Naturalization Databases Index
Immigration & Naturalization - Cyndi's List

Newspapers - Search old newspapers
Newspapers - Cyndi's List
Search Newspapers & Periodicals

WorldRoots Royal Pages

Free Obituaries On-Line
Genealogy Buff - obituary tools
Local Obituary Search
Obituaries - Cyndi's List
Obituary Daily Times Search
Obituaries by State
Search Newspapers & Periodicals

Miners and Mining - Cyndi's List
Occupations - Cyndi's List
Railroads - Cyndi's List

Orphans & Orphanages
Adoption - Cyndi's List
Finding People - Cyndi's List
Orphans - Cyndi's List

Magazines, Journals & Newsletters - Cyndi's List
Periodical Source Index (PERSI) Resource Guide
Periodical Source Index (PERSI)
Family Associations & Family Newsletters Index

Poorhouses & Poverty - Cyndi's List

Probate Records
Probate Records databases index

Wills & Probate - Cyndi's List

Schools - Cyndi's List

Computer Groups - Cyndi's List
Newsgroups - Cyndi's List
Societies & Groups Index - Cyndi's List
Volunteer Online Regional Projects - Cyndi's List

Taxes - Cyndi's List

Vital Records
Births & Baptisms - Cyndi's List
Death Records - Cyndi's List
FamilySearch - Vital Records Search
Global vital records indexes  
How to Locate Vital Records - Cyndi's List
Marriages - Cyndi's List

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